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One could pretty expect that riding in an suv as large, highly-priced and, properly, as orange because the 2019 bentley bentayga could turn a few heads. I without a doubt recognise i did. But as i found out all through a check drive through silicon valley last thursday, this complete size suv hybrid makes for a incredibly sedate experience. The bentayga is each bentley’s first suv in addition to its first hybrid vehicle — a “first step towards electrification” consistent with one of the agency’s reps. The hybrid is definitely the fourth generation of the road, which changed into first released within the us and united kingdom in 2015 with a w12 fuel, v8 gasoline and v8 diesel alternates. This version functions a turbocharged 335 hp, 3-liter v6 paired with a 94kw (126 hp) electric motor, setting out a blended 443 horses while used together. You may run the vehicle the usage of just the gas engine to recharge the battery, run both for height overall performance or simply the e-drive when walking errands round metropolis. Being a plug-in hybrid, the bentayga’s battery also can be charged directly the usage of a family outlet in 7. 5 hours or in just under 3 hours if utilizing a 220v strength supply. On a complete charge, the bentayga gives around 30 miles of electrical variety. Despite the fact that, as we fast found on the check drive, operating accent functions consisting of preconditioning the vehicle’s interior climate drains the charge at an elevated charge. Even in a city as geographically confined as san francisco, 30 miles remains quick sufficient to present me excessive variety tension. Bentley reps pointed out that if worst involves worst, the gasoline engine would simply kick in for some time until the battery changed into refreshed. The infotainment gadget’s navigation function additionally gives a map overlay, called the “fried egg” through bentley’s design crew due to its shape, showing you ways far you’ll get on electric strength given the modern-day driving conditions, terrain and visitors. The automobile’s build satisfactory is precisely what you would expect while giving bentley $156,900. The bentayga is opulence personified. The indoors is coated with uncommon timber accents and and chrome knobs over buttery soft leather-based. The organization offers seven wellknown paint colorings and five shades of leather-based. If you need to get fancy with it (and when dropping more than  years worth of my annual earnings, why would not you), bentley offers a hundred customizable paint colors, along with a dozen duo-tone options, and 15 unique colors of cow skin. The agency can even lend you a design representative who assist you to tweak the shade schemes primarily based on your fashion alternatives, preferred hues — even replicate the aesthetics of your favored hotel — to completely customize your ride. Gallery: bentley bentayga hybrid fingers-on snap shots

the infotainment machine is no much less incredible. The number one monitor is an 8-inch touchscreen with a 60gb hdd, cd participant, satellite tv for pc and terrestrial radio. It gives gps navigation and voice manipulate with text-to-speech as properly. The backs of the front headrests have their own contact screens set up to them for the rear seat passengers. To ensure that everybody stays entertained in the course of the experience, irrespective of what number of human beings are riding along, the bentayga gives the primary commercially to be had tri-sim lte connection. At the beginning evolved for navy applications, this connectivity splits the data link into 3 separate streams in order that the diverse related devices in use aren’t stepping on each other’s ft.

“it allows us to seamlessly transmit into the vehicle at very high information charges,” bentley’s head of advertising and marketing method, marcus abbot, instructed newshounds beforehand of the force, “in order that clients within the automobile can use multiple gadgets, and experience media interaction at velocity, which is sort of impossible to do nowadays, with ultra-modern in vehicle wireless offers.”

we attempted this feature throughout the check force but for the reason that we had been using round in the eu variations (which have been not constructed for use on american lte networks) we have been best capable of squeeze a paltry zero. 85 mbps from the connection. Bentley reps assured me that the connectivity speeds could be very tons stepped forward on the usa production fashions. The using experience itself changed into lamentably not as marvelous because the leisure options and build nice. I got the feeling that the bentayga hybrid does not pretty know what it is purported to be. It was very clean that the hybrid version changed into in reality tailored from the prevailing platform, which you can see it within the peculiar dual-fuel gauges — one for the fuel tank, the opposite for the battery. Similarly, the speedometer dials were all listed in kph while the holographic hud showed speeds in mph. That is probable because of us driving in models intended for uk intake and might not be the case as soon as the bentayga arrives inside the us but it was nonetheless disconcerting. I couldn’t decide if the bentayga is supposed to be a chauffeured experience like a rolls-royce or a bmw-esque “ultimate driving system.” it’s a piece of both and i am not sure if that truely works. The coping with was clean, like a stately sherman tank, because the car’s suspension floated over potholes and pace bumps. Yet, despite the best-ever 4 wheel drive, the automobile is so big that i did no longer feel comfy slaloming down the twisting roads of toll road 1 — no matter whether it was in recreation, bentley, consolation or custom riding modes. I genuinely could assume two times earlier than seeking to take it to santa cruz thru the claustrophobic confines of dual carriageway 17. And for a vehicle this is so steeply-priced and focuses so heavily on the using revel in, i was amazed by using how deeply the numerous driving force assist capabilities like lane retaining and blind spot detection were buried within the infotainment system’s menus. Possibly the oddest little bit of this using experience isn’t always with the automobile itself but its smartphone app. Mybentley, to be had for both ios and android, is a part far off manipulate (ie faraway battery charging and automobile reputation reviews), part preservation scheduler and component social media hub. The community, as bentley calls the social aspects of the app, offers “different services, distinctive activities” to the organisation’s 12,000 clients.

“if we ought to get all of our clients onto the community could be at about 100,000 high net worth individuals, which makes it a genuinely, really very powerful network of people,” abbot defined. Customers create their personal content, he endured, and are not controlled in any way with the aid of the organisation.

“we get quite a few insights from it as well, we have started to do some research without delay with clients thru the app on this as properly,” he said. “and we see this peer-to-peer relationship when they get via the network is simply, really treasured to them as properly.”

wildest of all, the app additionally serves as a hub for bentley on call for, that’s precisely as bougie because it sounds. In case you, a excessive internet well worth individual, are traveling to los angeles, miami or new york and don’t need to demean your self via driving in a limo or metropolis car like a few plebeian, bentley will lend you a one of its automobiles while you’re there. Corporation reps did not reveal how lots this brought service could value past it being “a completely reasonable price” but when you have to ask, you cannot come up with the money for it. The bentayga hybrid is slated for launch in the united kingdom via the cease of this 12 months and in the us by means of 2020. The version will make it to the chinese language marketplace inside some years as well.


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